Share a folder

Sharing a folder of drafts is the most simple and efficient way to share several drafts with other users.

1. How to share a folder

To share a folder:

  • Open the file explorer;
  • Right-click on the folder you want to share, and then click on Share;
  • Enter the email addresses of people you want to share the folder with; and
  • Click on Invite - Help center - Sharing panel of a folder

2. Shared folders' user roles and permission

2.1 Roles' rational

There are 4 roles for a shared folder:

  • Folder Manager: Only this role can change the users (and their role) with who a folder is shared. The Folder Manager can also rename and permanently delete a folder or its content.
  • Content Manager: This role can create and organize content freely. However, the Content Manager can't share the folder itself.
  • Content Contributor: This role can create content but only organize its own content. In this way, the Content Contributor can't modify the classification the manager or content manager put in place.
  • Reader: This role can visit all drafts in the shared folder in read-only mode.

2.2 User roles and permissions

Add or remove users from the shared folderYesNoNoNo
Delete the shared folderYesNoNoNo
Empty the bin of the shared folderYesNoNoNo
Create drafts or sub-foldersYesYesYesNo
Move a draft outside the shared folderYesYesOwnsNo
Move, and put in bin drafts or sub-foldersYesYesOwnsNo
Share/unshare drafts contained in the shared folderYesYesOwnsNo
Edit drafts of the shared folderYesYesNoNo
Visit drafts of the shared folderYesYesNoYes
Duplicate a draft and store it outside the shared folderYesYesNoYes

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