Share a draft

1. Different ways of sharing a draft

A draft can be shared with either other users (who have an account) or guests (who don't). There are two ways of sharing a draft:

  • Share the draft link. Other users, as well as guests, can join the draft. Before sharing the link, you have to activate the option Enable link sharing.
  • Send an invitation by email. Only users can join the draft. People you invite who don't have an account must create one to join the draft. - Help center - Sharing panel

2. What is a draft's URL?

Each draft has a unique URL (or web address) consisting of the app's domain name '' + 44 letters or numerals.

For instance: '' like in the example below. - Help center - Draft's URL

3. Drafts' user roles and permissions

3.1 Roles' rational

There are 4 roles for a shared draft:

  • Owner: this is the user who created the draft. The Owner has all rights concerning the current draft and can transfer the draft's ownership to another user.
  • Editor: can share the draft, modify other users' roles, and facilitate and edit the draft.
  • Restricted editor: can only edit the draft but can't lock/unlock items and facilitate a workshop (launch voting sessions, activate the pooling booth mode, sync view, etc.).
  • Reader: can only visit a draft. The Reader can also duplicate it to reuse it on his side.

3.2 User Roles and Permissions

FieldOwnerEditorRestricted EditorReader
Transfer ownershipYesNoNoNo
Set a passwordYesNoNoNo
Share/unshare the draftYesYesNoNo
Delete the draftYesYesNoNo
Move the draft to a folderYesYesNoNo
Facilitate a workshopYesYesNoNo
Lock/unlock an itemYesYesNoNo
Edit the draftYesYesYesNo
Visit the draftYesYesYesYes
Duplicate the draftYesYesYesYes

And then?

If you consider sharing several drafts at once, maybe you should share a folder.