Drag the draft to pan around.

Hold Space while moving your mouse to pan around in move mode.

[Hold Ctrl + Mouse wheel] or [Press +/-] to zoom in/out.

Use the mouse wheel to move up or down.

Press Ctrl + Space to show all/zoom 100%.


Click on an item to select it.

Press Ctrl while dragging your mouse to multiple-select.

Hold Ctrl + Click to add an item to the active selection.

Press Esc to leave selection.


Double-click on the draft to create a text item.

When editing, press Enter to add a new item below the current one.

When editing, press Shift + Enter or Alt + Enter to start a new line in the current text item.

Press Tab to indent an element of a list.

Press Shift + Tab to unindent an element of a list.

Press Ctrl + c to copy an item.

Press Ctrl + v to paste an item.

Press Ctrl + d to duplicate an item.

Hold Alt while dragging and dropping an item to duplicate an item.

Press Ctrl + z to undo an action.

Press Ctrl + Shift + z to redo an action.

Press Delete or Back to delete an item.

With the item selected, press Up/Down/Left/Right arrow keys to move an item on draft.

Press Ctrl + k to add a link to an item.


Press l to create Lines.

Press f to create Frames.

Press h to create Hulls.


Press Ctrl + i to activate the grid.

Press Ctrl + o to activate alignment helpers.

Press Ctrl + m to activate spacing helpers.

Press Ctrl + p to activate the Lists mode.