What's the difference between the Free plan and the Pro plan?

If you've used Draft.io a lot recently, and you're getting closer and closer to the limitation, you should wonder if it's the right time to upgrade your plan. This article will explain the Pro plan's advantages and for whom it is mainly addressed.

1. Free plan vs. Pro plan

1.1 The Free plan

The Free plan gives you access to all features. However, you only can create or use up to 500 items across unlimited drafts.

Concerning collaboration, you can share your drafts and collaborate with unlimited other people, either Draft users or guests. However, you only can create one shared folder.

Last but not least, you can enjoy your Free plan forever. There is no time limit.

1.2 The Pro plan

The Pro plan is pretty much like the Free plan, except it lifts the 500-item limit. It is particularly adapted for consultants, freelancers, or anyone who wants to use Draft.io over the Free plan limit.

1.3 Free plan vs. Pro plan features

FeaturesFree planPro plan
Usage LimitationLimited to 500 itemsUnlimited items
Real-time collaborationUnlimited participantsUnlimited participants
SharingUnlimited sharingUnlimited sharing
Guest editorsUnlimited guestsUnlimited guests
BillingFree (no billing)Auto (through the app)
PaymentNo credit card requiredCredit card

More about the Free plan limitation rules.

2. Pro plan pricing

The Pro plan pricing is very simple and straightforward:

  • €10 per month, paid monthly;
  • €100 per year, paid annually.

3. Upgrade from Free to Pro

To upgrade your Free account:

  • Click on Home;
  • Then, click on Profile;
  • And click on Upgrade.

Then, you have to follow the instructions.

Draft.io - Help center - Profile page of free plan users

See the Pricing page to know more about plans.