Import/Export system with Jira

If, in particular, for security reasons, you are not authorized to set up the Jira integration, keep in mind that it is possible to easily exchange data between and Jira via a system of import/export with CSV files.

1. Export Jira issues in CSV

To export your Jira issues to CSV from Jira Software:

  • Click on Filters;
  • Then click on View all filters;
  • Select the project from which you want to export the tickets;
  • Click on the Export button;
  • And click on Export Excel CSV (all fields).

2. Import Jira issues in

2.1 Edit the status list of the draft’s cards

Before importing Jira tickets into, you must adjust the list of statuses of the draft’s cards on which you want to import the tickets. To do this:

  • Open the draft menu;
  • Click on Edit cards statuses;
  • Then fill in the statuses as they have been defined in Jira.

2.2 Import Jira issues into

Once this preliminary work is done, import the CSV file into To do this :

  • Click on Media;
  • Then click on Upload files.

Before you can definitively import Jira tickets into, you are asked to map the fields of Jira issues and those of cards. Thereby :

  • Summary in a Jira ticket corresponds to Title on a card;
  • Issue KeyId;
  • Issue TypeType;
  • StatusStatus.

3. Export cards to a CSV file

To export cards to a CSV file:

  • Select the cards you want to export;
  • Right-click on the selection;
  • Then click on Export and Export to CSV.

4. Import issues in Jira from a CSV file

The feature of importing tickets into Jira from a CSV file only allows you to update existing tickets if (i) you have administrator rights for your Jira instance and (ii) your project is not a NEXT-GEN Project.

To access the data import interface, you must first access the administration interface of your Jira instance, then click on External System Import.

Before you can definitively import issues into Jira from a CSV file, you are asked to map the fields of the cards and those of the Jira issues:

  • IdIssue Key;
  • TitleSummary;
  • StatusStatus.

Be careful; the new data in the CSV file will overwrite the data in your Jira tickets.