How to Sync Jira's cards with's ones


  • You need admin rights on Jira.
  • Your Jira instance must be requestable by our server (might require some configuration if your instance is behind a proxy).

1. How to create the Application Link

1.1 Log on to Jira with your admin account.

1.2 Go to Jira settings > Products > Application links.

1.3 Type '' in the text field and, then, click on Create new link.

1.4 [Optional]. If a window Configure Application URL pop up, click on Continue **(with New URL = ''):

A new form should appear

1.5 Type 'Draft' in the text field Application Name.

1.6 Check the box Create incoming link.

1.7 Then, click on Continue.

A new form should appear.

1.8 Fill the form in like in the example below:

Consumer KeyGhMrDgeGTCm9
Consumer NameDraft

1.9 Then, click on Continue.

It will create the new Application Link and add it to the list.

2. How to create the webhook (that allows Jira’s real-time sync with

2.1 Go to Settings > System > WebHooks.

2.2 Go to Create a WebHook (in the upper right corner of your screen).

A new form should appear.

2.3 Type 'Draft' in the text field Name.

2.4 Type '' in the text field URL.

2.5 In Events > Issue related events, check the 3 boxes created, updated, and deleted within the Issue category (see the example below):

2.6 Please ensure that the form is filled in like in the above example and then click on Create.

It will create the WebHook and add it to the list.