Build a table of sticky-notes

In, tables consist of several segments placed against each other to form a table.

1. Building the structure of the table

To build a table:

  • Enable the Spacing helper setting if not already enabled;
  • Click on Line in the toolbar;
  • Draw segments on your draft;
  • Manipulate and move the segments to adjust their size and place them exactly where you want to. - How to build the structure of the table

You can lock the segments in the draft to prevent users from inadvertently moving the table's structure. - How to lock the structure of the table

2. Adding titles

To add titles:

  • Add a text item to the draft;
  • Switch it to a rectangle textbox format; and
  • Place the titles in your table where you want to.

You can also lock the titles if you don't want other users to move them. - How to add titles to the table

3. Adding and moving sticky-notes

Finally, add and move sticky notes across the table. You can use the Lists mode to create columns of sticky notes joined together. - How to add sticky-notes and move them around